This privacy policy of the webpage (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) sets out the conditions of using the service rendered by the Administrator by electronic means through the telecommunications network at the address

I. General provisions

  1. This Privacy Policy governs the process of rendering the quizony service and the use of the webpage by the Users.
  2. The quizony service consists in enabling the Users to make full use of the webpage.

II. Data processing

  1. The Administrator collects the personal data of the Users for the following purposes:
    1. Rendering the quizony service by the Administrator;
    2. Direct marketing of products or services of the Administrator, subject to a possibility to conduct marketing of third party products or services.
  2. The Administrator may process the personal data of the Users with regard to data obtained via cookie files (to the extent in which they may constitute personal data) as well data acquired through the Facebook social networking service, that is the avatar and names of the Users.
  3. The Administrator may obtain the personal data of the Users directly from the Facebook social networking service if the User is interested in sharing the results of a quiz on said website or has liked the quizony fanpage. In such a case, obtaining said data is necessary for using the quizony service in the aforementioned way.
  4. In general, the processing personal data of the Users is meant to enable the Users to use the quizony service.
  5. The Administrator may publish commercial information on the webpage, along with banners and links to other webpages and other Internet sites. By using a banner or link, the User is transferred to a webpage held by another owner, who is fully liable for the content thereof as well as the processing personal data of visitors.

III. Copyright of the Administrator

  1. All materials, visuals, along with their layout, trademarks and other information that are available at the webpage are subject to exclusive rights of the Author.
  2. Downloading or using content that is available at the webpage requires consent of the Administrator.
  3. Any use, by any party, of any piece of content included in the webpage without obtaining explicit written consent from the Administrator constitutes a violation of copyright held by the Administrator and entails liability under civil and penal law.
  4. Downloading content may not violate the Privacy Policy, generally applicable law or the Administrator’s interests.
  5. All visuals, technical features and other parts of the webpage, in particular HTML and XHTML codes, CSS sheets, JavaScript scripts and multimedia links are protected by the Administrator’s copyright.

IV. Users

  1. Visiting and using the webpage means that the User has accepted the Privacy Policy.
  2. Viewing the Privacy Policy is possible by clicking the relevant link that appears on the
  3. The User is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, and in particular to use the according to its purpose and applicable law.
  4. The User’s actions with regard to the use of the quizony service shall be in line with the Privacy Policy, applicable law and established customs.

V. Responsibility

  1. The Administrator is responsible for the appropriate operations of the website and its features.
  2. The Administrator may not be held responsible for any actions performed by the Users with regard to the webpage and their use of the quizony service.
  3. The User is exclusively and personally liable for using the webpage in a manner that is illegal and inconsistent with the Privacy Policy, which includes liability under penal and civil law.

VI. Changes to the Privacy Policy

  1. We may update this privacy policy from time to time by publishing a new version on our Website.
  2. We will notify you appropriately when we make changes to the privacy policy and we will amend its revision date so that you know when we last amended it. We do however encourage you to review this statement periodically so as to always be informed about how we are processing and protecting your personal information.

VII. Final provisions

  1. The Website may include links to other webpages. The Administrator recommends viewing the relevant privacy policies also after being transferred to other webpages. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the webpage and rendering of the quizony service.
  2. The Administrator employs technical and organizational means that ensure the protection of processed personal data according to the risks and the categories of protected data, and in particular safeguards such data from access or removal by unauthorized parties, processing that violates applicable law as well as from modification, loss, damage or destruction.
  3. Contact with regard to support and technical assistance is made by sending e-mail to the address: [email protected].